How Dr. Rohrich is Advancing Innovations in Cosmetic Medicine and Beyond with David Weir NP

Dr. Rohrich discusses advances and innovations in non-surgical face and body rejuvenation with his talented Nurse Practitioner, Dave Weir. David’s role in the Rohrich team has evolved from doing fillers and botox to leading all of the innovative studies and technology that Dr. Rohrich participates in. This includes refinement of Inmode’s Morpheus radio-frequency micro needling, expanding the role of PRP facial and hair rejuvenation, refining the treatment of cellulite with QWO, and now the mechanical disruption of the cellulite fiber using Aveli, and non-surgical wrinkle and skin tightening with Cytrellis microcoring!! Dr. Rohrich does several ongoing FDA trials for both devices, new and rising, long acting, neuromodulators and innovative uses of FDA approved fillers as well. Join Dr. Rohrich and David as they discuss how they are changing the way new technology and techniques are being studied, refined, and released to help with patient outcomes and safety in this modern era of cosmetic medicine

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